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Welcome to our daily blog, the home of CrossFit Gambit, and downtown St. Louis' #1 Source for evidence-based fitness! Here you will find a workout of the day (WOD) along with pictures, videos and other general fitness advice and tips. And of course, feel free to email with any questions or comments!



Choose one of the following:


AMRAP 20:00

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups



AMRAP 20:00

5 hspu

10 pistol squats

15 pull-ups



A) Thrusters, 4x2 

*from the floor

B) "Chris"

5 rounds for time:

7 power cleans, 135/95#

3 thrusters, 135/95#




A) complete 3 sets of 10-20 GHD Sit-ups

*your set should be unbroken sit-ups

B) "Helen"

3 rounds for time:

400m run

21 kbs, 53/35#

12 pull-ups



For the CrossFit Games schedule, updates, leaderboard and more visit www.games.crossfit.com. All events will be streamed live on ESPN2.


To level out Friday's rant that has everyone whispering...

I'd like to throw out a huge thanks to everyone at the gym for supporting Kelley and Alex throughout this season. It has meant a lot to them (and me) to see so many people at Regionals, posting about their success online and bragging to friends that they've been a part of the story. 

Who knows how the Games will shake out, but I"m confident these ladies will make us all proud (again)! 


A) 4 x 5-8 strict pull-ups

*if you can complete 8 pull-ups add weight

B) For time:



Double Unders




Kelley and Alex are off to compete at the CrossFit Games for the week and Andrew is along to coach, support and keep them level headed. The weekly class schedule is updated on Wodify. There are some minor changes so be sure to check it out before heading into the gym. 

NOTE: The evening classes will be run as open gym from 4:00pm - 8:00pm. This will allow you to come in on your own schedule to complete the workout. You should be able to complete all 3 lifts within an hour. 


Check out this article on the CrossFit Total it will help you plan your strategy for each lift.

Back Squat

Shoulder Press




A train of thought from Coach Andrew...


I'm sure you've all noticed there are more and more new faces around the gym recently. Our success at Regionals certainly hasn't hurt! People are drawn to success, and I believe that success is a direct result of our coaching skills and our business acumen. Not just my own, but Kelley's and the other coaches as well. We do our best to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who believe in our cause. 

With our success and the growth of our community, I'm reminded of a couple concepts that I wanted to explain (or reiterate) to you all. 

The first is to respect all other members and the coaches. We have limited space and equipment. Gambit is a tight ship and we offer a good array of class types and frequencies to help get you the results you want.

But this means when you show up 20 minutes early for your class, you can't just waltz into the workout area and start chatting with people taking the current class. We want you to mobilize...a lot. But for heaven's sake, don't do it IN THE MIDDLE OF ANOTHER CLASS. 

Sometimes we'll have to run in heats, and sometimes we'll have to share equipment but I think this only adds to the strength of our community and the comraderie within. 

Coaches want to see you succeed. 

A coach at Gambit will NEVER give you a standard or advice that will hinder your success. You're paying us to help you get results! If you think we would ever stifle you and keep you from your goals you're dead wrong. If no member ever beat me in a workout, I'd feel like I was a shitty coach. 

Why can't you attend 4 classes per day? Becuase that would be overtraining. It would be dangerous and counterproductive. 

If a coach says your squats aren't low enough, YOUR FUCKING SQUATS AREN'T LOW ENOUGH. Do you honestly believe we would try to slow you down and get a crappy score on the WOD? Certainly not. We make it a point to value technique over speed. If I had to list them out, range of motion/position would be first. Technique would be second. Strength third, and speed last. 

Why do I beieve that? Becuase its worked for 6 years and APPARENTLY IT PRODUCES CROSSFIT GAMES ATHLETES (yes I'm going to gloat about that for an entire year...possibly longer). Do you need more reason? 


A) 5x3 Back Squat or OHS

B) AMRAP 10: 

200m Shuttle Run

21 Push-ups




Andrew, Kelley and Alex head to California on Monday for the CrossFit Games. With 3 coaches gone we will be short staffed. We have some other coaches and members stepping up to assist while away but be sure to check out the schedule.

Biggest change: No 8:00AM classes July 21 - July 30. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Partner WOD

AMRAP 6:00, with a partner, alternating ROUNDS

5 thrusters, 95/65#

5 calories on assault bike

REST 1:00

AMRAP 3:00

Max pull-ups 

*only one partner works at a time



Clark Kent (aka birthday boy coach Matt Martin)

For time:

15 power snatch, 135/95#

30 wall ball, 20/14#

5 rope climbs

30 wall ball

15 clean and jerks, 135/95#