On-Ramp Course

Those new to CrossFit will start their journey with our On-Ramp Course. 6 sessions with one of our world-class coaches to get you acquainted with the gym and all it has to offer. And rest assured you'll get a great workout in the process. 

These sessions may take place when the gym is quiet or alongside a regularly scheduled class and are designed to get you exposed to all our favorite movements, workouts and lingo in the safest and most efficient way possible. You'll likely make a few friends along the way. 

On-Ramp is available at a broad range of times and is scheduled depending on the availability of the athlete and coach. 

It is recommended that anyone with less than 6 months of CrossFit experience complete our On-Ramp Course. 

After completion of this course, there are two membership options available, found below. 



unlimited - $185 per month (no tax)

Attend as many classes per day, week or month as you'd like. Recommended for those attending 3 classes per week or more. Includes specialty and accessory classes (Weightlifting and Gymnastics).

WOD Membership - $165 per month (no tax)

Attend any “WOD” (workout of the day) class with no monthly limit. Excludes Weightlifting and Gymnastics classes.

12 punch card - $164 every 12 visits (No tax)

Great for athletes with a more inconsistent schedule. These sessions have a 6-month expiration date. After your 12th visit, a new 12 Punch Card is automatically created for you. 




We offer the following discounts: 

Couples/Household: 10% 

Military: 15%

Student: 10%

*Discounts not applicable to On-Ramp Course or Private Coaching sessions.