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* You'd buy this shirt, wouldn't you?


COACH'S RANT: Its one of the perks of being coach. We get to rant about things on our blogs. 

DO YOU KNOW WHY I MAKE YOU BUY YOUR OWN ATHLETIC TAPE? Most of you have figured out by know that you'll need a roll of athletic tape sooner or later. But your membership isn't cheap...surely I could afford to just give you all free tape when you have a torn palm or a wrist in need of quick support. Right? Am I just being a dick? Maybe I could and maybe I couldn't (I feel it'd be a losing battle), but here's the real issue: 

I want every one of you to invest in yourselves.

Buying a 3 dollar roll of tape means you think about CrossFit for more than one hour a day. And that means you think about your health for more than one hour a day. I can only control what you for one hour. What about the other 23 hours every day? It sounds silly, but buying that roll of tape not only saves me a crap-load of money, it also proves that you're investing in yourself and you actually want to get better. YOU WANT TO SUCCEED! And that's all I could really ask for. 


AMRAP 10:00

12 push-ups

2 rope climbs


*sub rope climbs for a 250m where skill, strength or demand requires. 

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